Welcome to INTO 5D:

As mankind is moving with the shift from the 3rd Dimension, through the 4th and into the 5th, here is a space;

  • Where like-minded folk can shine and share their unique and connected consciousness and state of being.
  • Where those who are awakening to the state of our ailing planet can find some needed direction.
  • The Up-to-Us Engagement Pathway offers such direction. You live here. Get involved!
  • Where those seeking answers to life’s mysteries and spirituality or just some camaraderie and learning can interact.
  • Where regular folk come together, non-judgmental and non-denominational, a place where all are welcome and everyone belongs.
  • Calling Lightworkers, Empaths, Earth Angels, HSP’s and anyone currently working in metaphysics, esoteric fields, environmental restoration or those who are simply interested in connecting with people of the same or similar vibration to spread every angle of LOVE & LIGHT for all and for Mother Earth … Gaia … Pachamama.
  • Working to raise our personal frequencies and those of our soul family as we ascend to the 5th Dimension
  • Our motto at Into 5D is “Pulling Through Together”  therefore as a collective we’re here with support and interaction in achieving our personal goals, micro and macro with accountability from our peers for growth in ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately our world.
  • It’s an exciting time… embrace it.


Into 5D is situated in the East Rand of Gauteng South Africa and while we’re hands-on and in physical environments with our friends and clients, all fellow travellers are welcome to sign up and join us online when we use technology to journey and bring us closer together. We will schedule Skype or Zoom get-togethers from time to time for those souls who are out of the area so sign up on our Meet Up group for updates and going’s on.


This idea is still in the planning stage but soon we’ll have our very own community meditation, gathering at Homestead Dam in Benoni every Sunday where we’ll collectively and consciously set our intention and put-it-out-there while we visualise and manifest the following;

  • a safer and cleaner community for all,
  • our municipality committed to good governance,
  • our schools at optimal performance on both academic and soul levels,
  • our medical facilities and staff on top form always,
  • correct conduct from our police force,
  • prosperity for local businesses and jobs for those who seek,
  • fewer traffic accidents in our area,
  • reduction of harmful practices;  drugs, alcohol, abuse.

Check back here for updates and more info…


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We’re all just travellers on a journey. Individual but connected in a multi dimensional existence between Dimensions, moving between worlds and states of consciousness our souls may cross paths in this 3rd Dimension and when they do… Namaste


Namaste: It’s Spiritual

The literal translation of this greeting varies with each language; however they are all saying the same thing. In Sanskrit, the word ‘namah’ means bow, ‘as’ means I, and ‘te’ means you, translating into “I bow to you.”

A Hindi friend once explained that Namaskar is translated from ‘namoh’ and ‘sanskar’ translating loosely into English as “I bow to godly/good qualities within you,’ as her culture always tries to see the good in all things.

Some other popular translations and meanings of the word Namaste include:

  • The Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you.
  • The God in me greets and meets the God in you.
  • I honor the spirit in you that is also in me.
  • The Diving wisdom in me recognizes and acknowledges the Divine wisdom in you.

Regardless of the language you speak, the word simply invokes a sense of sharing a spiritual connection and creates feeling and a sense of oneness and balance. Essentially, it’s a way that all humans can connect.

Raise Your Vibration :  Embrace the meaning of Namaste

There’s something about the universal recognition and the spiritual energy that accompanies the essence of Namaste that makes it a truly remarkable greeting. Just speaking the word Namaste – especially along with the Mudra posture – raises the vibrations of your intention to greet someone by honoring of their inner goodness/God/light. The kicker is, you’ll likely find yourself really meaning and accepting these positive thoughts when you say it – even if you aren’t particularly fond of your company at the time!

Embracing the spirit of Namaste can be a powerful manifestation tool, and we love hearing the various interpretations of the meaning of Namaste… What does Namaste mean to you?


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If you haven’t yet mastered quantum teleportation, astral travel or even mental telepathy please don’t hesitate to reach out through this 3rd Dimensional means …