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 Joining a Coaching Culture Club promises to be a journey of discovery
and growth in personal development skills.

Each club is run by a certified facilitator, s
o what is the Coaching Culture?


Sports-people all have coaches – individuals and teams – it is a given.

People who hold political office have advisors.

Anyone who is fast-tracked in their career by their company has mentors.

Abraham Maslow tells us that the pinnacle of human need is to feel self-actualised. We could also say that we all want to be and feel successful.

If sport-people, people in high office and career-minded people know that they can’t achieve the level of success they are aiming at alone, why do we think that we can achieve success alone? No one else has ever walked our path or walked in our shoes; no matter how good they are in their lives, ultimately we have to do the hard work ourselves, no one can do it for us. So, why not do it alone? Because it is easy to forget what works well for us, to overlook our ‘blind spots’ and to be overwhelmed by obstacles.


With a coach on your side you can build on your strengths; dig deeper to find why an obstacle feels overwhelming and then find solutions; and recognise blind spots that could waylay your plans. A coach helps you be accountable to yourself for the goals you set.

In a coaching culture the coach is not a single person but the community that practices the coaching culture. This is a group of people where everyone is focused on your success as well as their own success and recognises that they benefit from coaching.

They become a community of coaches for each other.

This means the environment of the club is supportive, encouraging and trusting. The culture is one of accountability, responsibility and is forward-focused.

What programs are available in a Coaching Culture Club?

There are a number of structured programs from which members can choose.  Examples of these are The Personal Growth manual, The Basic Coaching Skills manual and The Relationship manual and many more.

Using this method of drip-feed education (learn, engage, practice, share, practice some more, learn a bit more, and repeat) helps to instill and integrate these skills.

People who join a club become members of the club. Members have access to a facilitator that guides the group process, a choice of  quality programs developed by experienced coaches and the power of the group mind-set which gives  instant feedback and suggestions for further growth.

What to expect?

The club experience is about working together with people who are interested in being the best they can be and assisting each other along the way. By being accountable to each other in the Coaching Culture Club we create an environment that is supportive and safe to maximize the success of the individual and the group.

The club is facilitated by a trained leader who will guide the group through each meeting and the manuals. They will provide encouragement and mentorship to you on your Coaching Culture Club journey. The leader is not there to do the work for you. Personal growth is all about discovering your own inner capacity in order for you to thrive at your highest potential.


The process of sharing your discoveries from the exercises in the manuals with the club is a powerful and valuable experience. It allows you to integrate the learnings effectively and efficiently. The benefit of receiving feedback from the club allows for deeper reflection on the work you’ve done. This process also gives the other members an opportunity for growth and space to contemplate their own journey.

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