Vendor Application


Hi folks 🙂

Thanks for your interest to be a vendor at the LUNAR FESTIVAL.

We’re putting it out there and sifting through the applications so please complete the form below, get it off to us asap and we’ll review and get back to you. Please don’t take offence if we don’t select you. It may simply be that there are similar products that got in before you, but we will notify you.

  • We will host the main food stand so we are not looking for many food & beverage vendors but we will review all applications.
  • We are looking for environmentally friendly products, re-purposed items, hand crafts, home preserves, organic and free-range produce.
  • No meat products. Please specify vegetarian or vegan.
  • No single-use-plastics. No plastic bottles. Talk to us about enviro-friendly containers and cutlery.
  • Please use paper or biodegradable packaging. We are raising environmental awareness at the event so please be mindful of this.
  • Beer & Wine (currently under review)
  • No mass produced plastic items.
  • Please provide a photo of your stand if you have done other markets.

STAND COST:   (based on 3mX3m but let’s talk)
GAZEBO’s :  Bring your own. Kindly ensure they are suitably secured.


Vendor Information


Stall Information