What should you do?

How do we prepare for this shift ?

What do you need to do in preparation for the ascension to the 5th Dimension?  As we learn we’re adding to the list so if you have something to add please feel free to email us

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  –  The top 10 quick stuff

  1. Meditate. According to countless studies, including one conducted by a Harvard Med School team led by Sara Lazar, PhD, the practice of meditation permanently strengthens the most evolved portion of the human brain – the frontal lobe – which is linked to increased abstract thought, cognitive reasoning, creativity and positivity.
  2. Unplug from the Matrix. Although computers, smart phones and ipads are great for staying connected in the information age, all electronic devices emit subtle, invisible electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that can negatively impact your energy field and drain spiritual life force. To limit your exposure, use these devices for no more than two hours at a time before taking a break.
  3. Bathe. Ever heard of people who get their best ideas in the shower? That’s because cleansing helps wash away unseen energy patterns from the body’s aura (including those picked up from others and accumulated throughout the day), making room for new creative thoughts and positive energies that are always seeking to guide us.
  4. Spend Time with Positive People. It’s been said that you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so take a good look at your social circle and make sure it’s elevating, not suppressing, your vibrational frequency. Not sure if those around you are friends or frenemies?
  5. Move Your Body. In addition to anti-aging, mood and metabolic benefits, even small amounts of physical exercise can raise your vibration. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming, spinning or practicing tai chi or yoga, physical exercise can help get you out of mental or emotional ruts and boost healthy endorphins.
  6. Organize Your Environment. According to organizational expert Karen Kingston, author of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, when a client tells her they’re sad or depressed, the first thing she asks them to do is clean out a drawer. This is because our physical environment mirrors our emotional state.
  7. Serve Others. As the saying goes, you get to keep what you give away. Countless studies have shown that those who volunteer their time regularly towards worthy causes in service to others and the world are happier, healthier, and more personally fulfilled.
  8. Clean Up Your Diet. You are what you eat. Keep your vibration high and your body strong with a diet largely consisting of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.
  9. Go on a News Detox. Ever feel depressed, anxious or fearful after watching or reading the news? This is because most mainstream news outlets serve a primary purpose: earning profits. The quickest way to make a profit is by appealing to the lowest human common denominators of fear, greed and violence.
  10. Practice Gratitude. In his bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, internationally renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto used high-speed photography to demonstrate how profoundly our thoughts, words and feelings impact molecules of water, the earth and our personal health.